The Fashionable Pixel: Trend Watch 2013

Pixel Fashion

Whose to say what inspires the most magnetic force in the media world; whatever it is, we can’t get enough. Although fashion week is over, the gorgeous impact of this years look is sure to linger on as the seasons progress. One look that stood out this year across the creative board is the pixelated influence. From Japan to England, these eye-catching homage’s to graphic design are showing up everywhere from coats to cards to shoes. Is this a passing trend or are they here to stay?

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Whether you have a graphic design degree or aspirations of dominating fashion school, you’ve seen a pixel or two. Perhaps this pervasive new look is a byproduct of an increasingly pixelated world? Whatever it is, the inspiration has landed on the runway coast to coast.

Hopping the High-Tech Cradle

Fall and winter collections seemed to be dripping with technological influence this year. Graphic and blocky images complimented many pixelated ensembles, as well. Chanel Karl Lagerfeld showcased a collection that called to mind soothing summer breezes stacked with solar paneling. Louis Vuitton also channeled the high tech look in sheer graphics. The stark suits, rompers, and pieces showcased grid-like graphics that demonstrated an almost serene versatility.

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Marc Jacobs hopped on the wagon with his own floral print that was formed from a micro version, or overlaid on outfits and cut in a single color. Jacob’s last New York show also featured a collection made almost entirely of lines and stripes, that Metro USexclaims is “two sides of the same graphic coin.”

8-Bit Throwback

Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga gives a clear nod to the 8-bit world with his fun designs this year; creating pieces that seem inspired by video games back in the day. The fun pieces paired with cubist glasses and funky footwear puts a fun new spin on an already new look.

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Similarly, Anrealage, the Japanese fashion house produced some edgy, playful and jaw dropping looks on the runway this season as well. Their looks stretched from being purely pixelated to 3-D, to other graphic design-influenced looks.

From Coats to Totes

The pixelated look isn’t just for the fashion elite. Coffee lovers can now enjoy it on all their Starbucks gear. The coffee behemoth has paired with Laura and Kate Mulleavy, the sisters behind the edgy womenswear brand Rodarte, to design a series of limited edition products for the chain. The beloved indie designers are helping Starbucks with their first foray into fashion, which, as avid coffee drinkers, is an honor to them.

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The sisters designed totes, gift cards, and coffee mugs that feature shades of pixelated grays and silvers on greens; they even gave the Starbucks mermaid the pixelated treatment. Unlike their clothing, which can run upwards of ten thousand dollars, the Starbucks merchandise will be available for $5 to $13. Whether or not you’re even interested in designer fashion, your coffee will still be looking pretty cool in the new mugs. Hopefully pixelated power is here to stay.

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