Interview with Lius Lasahido

Lius Lasahido is a digital artist from Indonesia, working as an illustrator at Caravan studio. His love for art is clearly shown in his works. The texture and lighting effects adds an extra beauty to his illustration.

Q)Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Lius Lasahido. Since early age I love to draw. When the time came where I should choose my major, I choosed DKV, Design Communication and Visual, which has connection with drawing but with better promising fortune rather than making comics, specially in Indonesia. After I graduated, I met Chris Lie who was starting an illustration studio.I heard from a friend about his success in the industry,which made me apply for position as illustrator in his studio, Caravan Studio.Starting from there I’ve been given various projects until now.

Q)How did the passion for art developed in you? What motivated you in becoming an artist?

I love to read comics and watching movies, it influenced me and developed the love for drawing.

Q)On looking at your portfolio we found that most of your art is integrated with martial arts. Where did you get the inspiration from?

I got it from action movies both real and cartoon, also from comics, one of them is comic made by Tony Wong, marvel and DC comics, not forget games too.

Q)How do you come up with a concept for a particular theme? What kind of reference do you refer while working ona concept art?

First I look at movies that I like, read literature, seeing art-books, reading comics, talking with friends, then sometimes i absorb what i need.

Q)Could you share with us your experience as an illustrator?

It was surprising at first for me about this industry deadline and quality, it made me to build and improve my skills more everyday, but in kind of fun way because I met people with same vision like me.

Q)Could you share with us your typical workflow and the tools that you use more often?

Start from brief, finding ideas, setting and gesture from the character, sending it to editor in rough sketches. After the editor approved it, I’ll start to paint it. Photoshop is my main tool, then pencil , acrylic then water color.

Q)What are the most essential basics than an artist should focus on to refine ones skills?

Of course essential basic exercise like gesture, anatomy, form, lighting and color.

Q)Your message to our aspiring readers?

Seeing and knowing something, read a lot to improve imagination, Fill your visual library and last but not least, don’t feel satisfied quickly.

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