Interactive Movie Web Designs by Justin Carroll

Justin Carroll is an interactive art director, designer and developer. He partner with clients and agencies to create Web sites, ad media and interactive online experiences.

His extreme skills were served on projects for clients such as Activision, Bandai, Disney, Marvel, Namco, National Geographic, Paramount Pictures, Square Enix, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. His work has been recognized by Communication Arts, Lehigh Valley Ad Club, IFEA Conference, Newspaper Association of America and Smashing Magazine.

Avengers Web Design
Official Web Site / Project C / Marvel, Paramount Pictures

The creative direction handed down to me was to make each Avenger click-able in a rotating video loop on the homepage. The key art for the film was based on that sequence so it worked well for presentation. My idea for art direction was to posit the experience through the lens of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agency. I coupled this idea with the hotspots I did on the homepage and used them throughout the site to tie everything together. Marvel’s The Avengers has gone on to become the biggest opening film of all time – congratulations to Project C and everyone involved in producing the official Web site!

Official Web Site / Project C / Universal PicturesHow could they possibly turn Battleship into one of the summer’s biggest blockbusters? With huge stars like Liam Neeson, aliens, the U.S. Navy, unreal special effects and blowing shit up – awh jeah!

SnowWhite & Huntsman

Official Web Site / Project C / Universal Pictures

Iconography immediately came to mind when I approached the direction for the film site – an apple for Snow White, hatchet for the Huntsman and dagger for Queen Ravenna. Moving forward I co the film site – an apple for Snow White, hatchet for the Huntsman and dagger for Queen Ravenna. Moving forward I contrasted the film’s photography with more of those relations by including other iconic elements into the background art – blood for Snow White’s revenge, forestry for the Huntsman and of course ravens for Queen Ravenna.

Transformers 3

Official Web Site / Project C / Paramount Pictures

This experience starts with a video background to really showcase the film footage and to keep the site feeling alive. To elaborate on that direction my idea was to posit the user experience through the lens of a Decepticon or in the least some type of futuristic terminal. Project also included mobile site and downloadables.

The Bourne Legacy
Official Web Site  /  Watson DG  /  Universal Pictures

Fans of the Bourne franchise love intense action, high tech and espionage – I wanted to make sure they felt all of those things as they experienced the site. Aside from the immersive video backgrounds and tech overlays I used a lot of subliminal elements in my design to reinforce the mood of the film, all the way from color grading to adding foreground blurs that matched the cinematography.