Innovative Print Design

Every company wants their merchandise and products to reflect the company’s personality. So they take extra care in coming up with a print design or a product design.

Here we have gathered some innovative print design works of various gifted artists.

Fluid Animals 2013 Calendar by Ben O’Brien

 This project came together very organically, firstly playing with a new simple, drawing style in my sketchbook, then taking these drawings into Adobe Illustrator and again keeping them nice and simple, allowing the curves and shapes of the drawing really shine and bring life and character to the animals.  As they came together, Fluid Animals started to gain quite a wonderful following online and soon enough people were asking if I could produce something they could buy, a calendar with 12 of the most favorite illustrations seemed perfect.


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Crossover Festival by Jonathan Finch and Stephanie Oglesby

A project developed in collaboration with Stephanie Oglesby to brand and promote a new festival aimed at creative professionals. We have proposed that the festival would entail inviting creative practitioners from various fields and disciplines to collaborate and ‘crossover’ to create a piece of work that they wouldn’t normally. Thus, we named the project the ‘Crossover Festival’. The name appears in various forms across the identity, with it being shortened to ‘x-over’ and then a pattern which adapts across the different resolutions. Black, white, grey and salmon form the core colour scheme with a screen-printed, neon spot colour overlaid. The printed collateral consists of promotional posters, a festival guide publication, event timetable, tickets, wristbands and lanyards. Finally, t-shirts and tote bags were also produced whilst we mocked up examples of the exhibition space.

Sommelier Markov Anatoly by Pavel Emelyanov

In time of work process there has been made the compound sign including monogram MV (Markov Vin – fr.) and inscriptions, telling the information about sommelier. The wooden case-organizer is stylized as a wine box and it is marked suitably (a quantity of bottles, alcohol by volume, bottle volume, number of batch and IPPC mark). Set of the seals for independent manufacturing of business cards completes this kit (with date of
manufacturing, like the date of pouring of wine) on textured paper and business cards holder, also executed from a natural tree.

Work team:
design, manufacture — Emelyanov Pavel
photography — Pleshkov Andrey.