Creative Print Design

Print Design always plays an important part in representing the company’s identity. Creating a concept for a print design is the crucial part of all, as the designer has to develope a design that has to represent the company in style and also has to impress the client.

Here are few creative print designs done by various talented artists from around the world.

BMW – Printed Ad by andrea mancuso, Saizen Media, Davide Bianca

A mixture of CG, hand drawing and digital painting for this brand new BMW 6GC Printed Ad.


Challenge: Bukvarius, offering books and teaching aids for schools all over Russia, appeared in 2011. Requirements for Identity: creating an image of a modern, friendly, dynamic company focused on the needs of pupils, their parents and teachers.

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Mareol by Andrés Moncayo

Mareol is a nonprescription medicine whose consumption prevents the symptoms of motion sickness during travel. In Colombia, Mareol is the leading brand in its category, has high levels of brand recognition, and a history of over 20 years in the market.

MNW – National Museum in Warsaw by Olga Mosina

The National Museum in Warsaw (Polish: Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie), Poland,is a national institution of culture, one of the largest museums in Poland and the largest in Warsaw. It comprise a rich collection of ancientart (Egyptian, Greek, Roman), counting about 11.000 pieces, an extensivegallery of Polish painting since the 16th century and a collection of foreignpainting (Italian, French, Flemish, Dutch, German and Russian) including somepaintings from Adolf Hitler’s private collection, ceded to the Museum by the Americanauthorities in post-war Germany. The museum is also home to numismaticcollections and a gallery of applied arts.